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Speaking another language is inspiring. Improving or maintaining it shouldn’t be a chore, it should be fun, motivating and, if you need it for work, relevant to your needs.

Finding the time is also a big issue. In Languages bring language learning alive by offering a range of proven options designed to fit into your lifestyle.

So our Cyber Teachers are available 24/7 and what’s more we email you a Flash lesson to your inbox everyday; a 3 minute boost of vocabulary, idiom and a grammar point to remind you to log in plus you can plan your telephone lessons for anytime from 7am to 11pm 6 days per week.

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Phone lessons - From £18 per 30 minute lesson

  • Learn with a trained  native speaker telephone tutor
  • Connect from anywhere in the world, from your home or work 24 hours per da

Blended Language Learning - Intensive course - From £8 per hour

  • Combines phone lessons with Cyber Teachers
  • Learn at your level, speed and needs and at a time that suits you, with your own language tutor
  • Unlimited internet lessons 24/7

Languages Clubs - From £80 per course

  • Fun, enjoyable lunchtime sessions at your Workplace, we come to your offices and run group classes
  • French, Spanish, Italian and German classes
  • 10 weeks blocks at different levels

Evening Classes - From £90 per course

  • Communicative, practical and run by some of the best tutors
  • French, Spanish, Italian and German classes
  • 10 weeks blocks at different levels
  • Classes held at our state of the art language centre in Central London

Learn a Language overseas - From £250 per week

  • Hand-selected centres around the world
  • Immerse yourself in the language and culture

One of our experienced team is always at hand to help you select the right options.