Continued Professional Development - Language Training

Language acquisition is being recognised by more and more professional bodies as an essential skill for international trade.  Institutes are recognising formal and quantifiable and relevant language tuition as a contributory course for the CPD schemes.

Our blended language learning courses in French and Spanish focus on delivering tailored language courses at your level to your speed and design to cover language relevant to your particular field and needs. 

Training aimed at your objectives:

Master the language of your profession » (more than 218 job profiles)

Prepare for everyday situations (phone calls, writing documents, etc.)

We have packaged intensive language courses that combine phone lessons with our award winning ‘e-learning’ Cyber Teachers®

If you want one-to-one training then we can provide a trained tutor to your place of work, please call us for more details.

Intensive Language Course

This course is the best value for money option for learners with internet access from home or office, who are looking for an effective and convenient way to progress their language skills.

The Intensive course is a tried and tested solution for language training. For an attractive price, the results obtained by the combination of phone lessons and e-learning is unbeatable.

Phone classes: Targeted learning through specialised themes

  • Step One: The linguistic audit online assesses the learner's language level, enabling us to customise the course according to individual objectives: professional specialisation, exam preparation
  • An assigned teacher will adapt to the learner's needs and pace, working primarily on the two basic functions of communication: listening and speaking.

E-learning for progress at the learner's own pace and convenience

  • The learner can access 24/7 diverse interactive exercises covering the major difficulties encountered in language learning, i.e. grammar, number dictation, specialised corporate vocabulary, pronunciation practice, written and oral comprehension...

High Motivation through Learner-centred self-study

  • Our exclusive e-learning software, CyberTeachers Online®, is personalised to suit each learner's initial level and professional profile. The programme can transform any Word document or web page into interactive multimedia lessons centred round the learner's own personal interests.

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