Language Lessons on the ‘Phone
in French, Spanish, English all levels

Over 80% of our daily communications with customers and suppliers is over the phone, because it is effective and convenient.  Phone lessons are no different, plus you are practising to use the language in a real medium, like riding a bike with no hands!

Structured lessons by telephone ensure rapid acquisition of the specifically designed skills (see example of learning units). The telephone courses optimise the learning process (no travel necessary, flexible class schedules...).

Phone lessons in French and Spanish, working one to one with your personal tutor


Unlike a tutor coming to your office or home you can manage your schedule directly on line, cancelling up to 6 hours before if you have a busy day.

30 minute telephone classes, your tutor calls you at the agreed time – the cost of call included.


  • 30-minute phone courses
    in the areas of your choice: everyday situations (hotel, airport, restaurant, etc.) or professional life (interviews, negotiation, meetings, etc.)
  • Training material selected from 420 learning units to ensure comprehensive lessons
  • The option of working on your own documents for faster progress

Complete flexibility

  • At your own pace and according to your needs: from 2 lessons per week to 2 hours a day, or work 24 hours a day, from Monday to Saturday.
  • Wherever you are, reserve 24/7 from a landline or from your mobile phone.

Rapid Progress in the skills you need

  • Assigned teacher to work on oral expression and comprehension
  • Areas of your choice: 218 professional specializations » (negotiations, meetings, etc.), everyday situations
  • 30 minutes for maximum concentration and memorization
  • Structured lessons with individualised training material (selected among 420 learning units)
  • The option of working on your own documents for faster progress

Total Flexibility

Anywhere, without ever leaving your home or office

  • Anytime, 24/24, Monday to Saturday
  • Online reservation 24/7. Lessons can be cancelled 6 hours before class time

Cost Reduction

  • No commuting necessary and no extra communication costs

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